Carbtools (India) Pvt Ltd. Founded in 1974, is today one of the leading manufacturers of Carbide Tools in India. Carbtools manufactures a wide and varied range of Solid carbide and carbide lugged tools, which have proved to customer delight.

Carbtools has established clientele that includes leading automotive manufacturers and their allied industries such as Tata Motors, Mico Bosch, Neco Schubert, Keihin – Fie, Kirloskar Toyoda, Hal – Koraput, Bosch Chassis Systems, Mahindra & Mahindra , Pricol, John Deere, JCB ( India), Ordnance Factory, Tirichy, Sakthi Auto Components, Cbe, Craftsman Automation – Cbe.

We Manufacture wide range of products
  • Special Combination tools in SC
  • Special Combination of Carbide Lugged
  • Carbide tipped tools

These tools are manufactured on the latest walter grinding machines as well as widia optical profile grinding machines under stringent quality control. The excellent finish produced by these machines ensures a superb finish in the finished components.

The combination operations ensure good concentricities, hole accuracies, as well as reduced cycle time ensuring an economical end product. We also undertake regrinding of these special tools. Accurate regrinding ensures 90- 95 % of the original tool life.

We also undertake manufacturing as well as regrinding of standard drills with point geometries suitable to machine any materials. Regrinding services are also offered for different varieties of end mills, reamers counter bores as well. We also undertake work of reforming special form tools as also form regrinding of inserts on our optical profile grinder. Wire cutting of special forms in carbide is done on our chmer CNC wire cutting machine which incorporates the latest software.