KTA spindle toolings is into production of Tapping Chucks, Tap Adaptors for more than 20 years and Tool Holders for more than 5 years. Started in the early 80’s we are in the manufacturing of Tapping Chucks, Tap Adaptors, Quick Change Drilling & Tapping Chucks, Rigid Tapping Chucks & Floating Reamer Holders. Since last 5 years we are into manufacturing of Precision Collet Chucks, Side Lock Holders, Combi Shell & Mill Holders, Morse Taper Holders, NC Drill Chuks, Tapping Chucks for CNC Machinig Centers, in different mountings like MAS 403, HSK (Din 69893), ISO (Din 69871), Din 2080, NT30, M1TR. etc.ues.

Our Products

• Quick change drilling & tapping chuck
• CCSFL tapping attachment (NON – Reversible)
• Quick change tapping attachment type QSFL (NON – Reversible)
• Quick change tapping chuck type KWFSL 60 (M 30 to M 120)
• Quick Change Tapping Collets With Axial Compensation (ERT)
• Quick Change Tap Adaptor Extended Modular Type (KWESM)
• ‘KWFLK’ Tapping Chuck & “KWES’, ‘KWE’ & ‘KWRE’ Series Tap Adaptor
• Collet chuck adaptors

• Shrink fit holders
• Tapping collet chucks
• Side lock / endmill holders
• Morse taper adaptors
• Face mill adaptors
• Side and face mill cutter adaptors
• Costomized adaptors
• Pull Studs
• Cylindrical sleeves