Facts in brief

• Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading producer of tools for Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring Tool Holding and Threadings.
• Sandvik Coromant is represented in 130 countries worldwide
• Head office in Sandviken, Sweden.
• We have customers throughout the metal working field including the world’s major automotive and aerospace industries the die and mould industry and general engineering Industries.
• In more than 25 well equipped productivity centers, customers learn about tooling solutions for increased productivity.
• We offer various programmes to help you and us recognize what’s best in your production – and pinpoint areas that need improvements.
• Our Central stocking points in Singapore, Europe, the United States and the far east supply our customers directly within 24 hrs.
• We invest at least twice as much in research and development every year than the average company in our business.

Sandvik Cormant Offers

• Original Tooling Solution
• Component tooled up
• Productivity improvement program
• Cost reduction program
• Training
• Recycling


Matters pertaining to the environment, health and safety are an integral part on Sandvik’s total operations. The coromant recycling concept takes in consideration global and local legislations and regulations. Sandvik collects used carbide inserts, solid carbide tools and recycles them in the most environmentally friendly way. Order a collection box for your machining centre and separately collect the inserts and solid carbide tools.

Weigh and return the goods with -packing slip (minimum quality for return – 20kg per box). Using the zinc process, we recycle tools & smaller products like inserts in our recycle factory located in Chiplun, India, about 200km south of Mumbai in the lote parhuram chemical industrial zone. We pay the current price per kilo / pound of carbide times the weight of the returned inserts. Inserts and round tools from all manufacturers are accepted into this system.