ITW Chemin, a business unit of ITW Inc. (NYSE: ITW), USA, offers a wide array of the products / brands manufactured at the state of-the-art facility which includes the following products.
Met-L-Gard (Rust Preventive Chemicals)

Temporary rust preventive oils are for ferrous metals and alloys to protect from atmospheric and situation corrosion. These are widely being used in industrial segments like cold roll, hot roll, galvanized sheets and coils. Other applications like wires, bars, auto components, bearings, shafts, pump parts and all other fasteners, spare parts etc. has enormous usage to protect the surfaces temporarily.

• RP 601 CR
• RP 7001 CR
• RP 602 CR
• RP 5002 CR
• RWD 403-w
• RP 631
• RWD 403
• RP 206BRG
• RP 701 CR

Met-L- Cool (Metal Working Fluids)

Metal Working fluids in dilution with water facilitates cooling and lubricates the Metal-Tool interface to improve the productivity. These are essential fluids for all machining operations like cutting, drilling, milling, grinding etc to provide process improvement.

Mineral Soluble Oils

WS 600 N
WS 500 N
WS 40 HW
WS 5050

Semi Synthetic Oils


Synthetic Oils

SYNC 100