Apart from its well known use in the manufacture of grinding wheels and refractories,
Silicon Carbide (SiC) today finds extensive applications in the field of ferrous metallurgy. Metallurgical grade silicon carbide is used in iron foundries and in steel mills in the form of loose grains or briquettes. Silicon Carbide acts as an energy booster in steel converters (LD/BOF) due to the exothermic reaction in the process. Silicon Carbide is a unique combination of silicon and carbon, the two elements
recognized for their importance in controlling the quality of cast iron and steel
the basic products in ferrous metallurgy. Silicon Carbide is being used for metallurgical applications

Advantages of using Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide can be effectively used as an additive for both cast iron and steel. Among its many beneficial advantages are:
• Inoculating Effect
• De-oxidation of Melt
• Increases the Carbon Equivalent
Silicon Carbide should also be evaluated on its other benefits which allows
• Better quality of the product
• Increased furnace life
• Extra heat generation (Auxiliary Fuel )
• Greater protection against quality change risks